Videotron Internet Speed Test

Videotron Internet Speed Test checks how fast is your internet speed. Simply press ‘GO’ and will test download, upload, ping, and jitter speed.

How to perform Videotron Internet Speed Test?

  1. Open a browser and type
  2. Select a Host ISP or let it choose the optimal ISP automatically.
  3. Press the ‘GO’ button to start the Internet Speed Test.

Videotron is a communications corporation that offers broadcasting, interactive multimedia development, internet access, telephony, and wireless telephone services. The company was established in 1964 and is headquartered in Canada. It is the leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the province of Québec.

Products and Services

Videotron, the undisputed business leader in Québec, links over 130,000 businesses. Videotron Business is devoted to employing technology to provide the greatest experience to businesses and their consumers. It provides its customers with cutting-edge communication and entertainment solutions as well as one-of-a-kind customer service.

  • Customized Mobile plans

With Videotron, users can simply combine the plan that best meets their needs and the phone of their choice with the many payment options offered. And, with 5G on the way, they will be able to do it all on an ultra-wide, high-performance LTE network.

  • Secure Internet Network 

Videotron has the best Wi-Fi technology in Québec. With Wi-Fi 6, users can enjoy a stable, high-performance Internet connection, along with the Helix Fi app which offers Advanced Security for sound and centralized network management.

With centralized control on a user’s smartphone, they can manage their whole Wi-Fi network, connected devices, and objects quickly and conveniently while promoting safe Internet usage. Even when numerous devices are connected at the same time, users benefit from download speeds of up to 400 Mbps due to the stable and robust Wi-Fi network.

  • Helix Fi Gateway

The Helix Fi gateway is an all-in-one modem and router that supports Wi-Fi 6, which is the most advanced Wi-Fi technology available in Québec. It connects to all of the household’s TV terminals, wireless devices, and compatible smart equipment with ease, and users can manage them using the Helix Fi app in seconds.

The Helix Internet network combines the best technologies, including optical fiber, coaxial cable, and cutting-edge Wi-Fi, but it is only available in some regions.

  • TV Content

Videotron combines everything people love in a single interface with voice command thanks to IPTV technology. Users can have a large variety of live channels, a plethora of On-Demand material, and various connected apps. On top of that, consumers may choose their entertainment from anywhere on the Helix TV app. 

Videotron Customer Service

Phone Number(s):

1 877 380-2611


To file a complaint regarding the products and services of Videotron, users can use the link below

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