TalkTalk Internet Speed Test

TalkTalk Internet Speed Test checks how fast is your internet speed. Simply press ‘GO’ and will test download, upload, ping, and jitter speed.

How to perform TalkTalk Internet Speed Test?

  1. Open a browser and type
  2. Select a Host ISP or let it choose the optimal ISP automatically.
  3. Press the ‘GO’ button to start the Internet Speed Test.

TalkTalk is a telecom firm, launched in the year after the UK government passed the communication act of 2003 intending to encourage different challenger brands to unsettle the telecoms market. It was for the first time that the users were able to switch their telephone suppliers without getting specially installed equipment or dialing a prefix. The headquarters of TalkTalk are located in Stalford. Initially, it was a subsidiary of a Carphone Warehouse in Leeds after which it was demerged as a standalone company in 2010 and listed on the London stock exchange. Even if it is a young company, it has a long history. It has transformed the telecom landscape of the UK in a short period. In 2012, TalkTalk TV arrived while a 1GB fiber network was launched in 2014 and became Britain’s first-gigabit city.

Products and services

The key focus of this firm is to provide the consumers with affordable and reliable fixed connectivity i.e. broadband, fiber, and landline along with priced add-ons for its customers. It offers these services in the form of different packages but also separately. This company provides broadband, landline, mobile, and TV services to more than 4 million people and operates the biggest unbundled broad network in Britain which covers 96 percent of the population. Services are provided to the consumers through TalkTalk brands, businesses through TalkTalk business, and resellers through wholesaling. Its website claims to have about 2.4 million fiber customers in business, ethernet connections of 42,600 high speed, and above 3000 unbundle exchanges.

  • Homesafe 

It also offers its Customers “Homesafe” i.e. an online security network-level and website blocking system which was launched in 2011. The system has made it easier for the parents who want to filter web material such as pornography or violence etc. 

  • TalkTalk TV

The TalkTalk TV enables the customers to choose from 80 plus free view channels as well as content from Netflix, BT Sport, and Sky. 

  • TalkTalk business 

It works with more than 650 partners to deliver its communication products and services with networking and connectivity as well as IP telephony and voice. This makes it one of the largest B2B telecoms providers in the UK. 

  • FLLP

In 2016, FLLP (Fixed Low-Price Plans) was launched and almost 2.3 million users have signed up to it by March 2019. 

  • Mobile telephony

A mobile telephone service of TalkTalk was launched in 2010 named TalkTalk Mobile. It works as a mobile virtual network operator on the Vodafone network of the UK. It has also introduced a mobile broadband dongle that facilitates the users on the move.

TalkTalk Customer Service

Phone Number(s):

0345 172 0088


[email protected].

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