Breezeline Internet Speed Test

Breezeline Internet Speed Test checks how fast is your internet speed. Simply press ‘GO’ and will test download, upload, ping, and jitter speed.

How to perform Breezeline Internet Speed Test?

  1. Open a browser and type
  2. Select a Host ISP or let it choose the optimal ISP automatically.
  3. Press the ‘GO’ button to start the Internet Speed Test.

Breezeline (formerly Atlantic Broadband) is the trade name for Cogeco Communications’ US operations. It is the eighth biggest cable provider in the US by television subscriptions. Coaxial cable and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks are used to provide TV, Internet, and phone services. Over 707,000 broadband users are served by Breezeline throughout twelve states: New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida. It is headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Products & Services

Breezeline offers internet, television, and telephony services to its consumers. They provide a variety of goods and services that meet the demands of residential, business, and community members. Below is a list of their goods and services:


  • Internet: Breezeline provides dependable, fast internet with unlimited data consumption and no hidden costs. You may choose from a variety of speeds to meet your requirements. They also provide wall-to-wall WiFi coverage and enhanced security.
  • TV:¬† With Breezeline Stream TV, you can watch TV shows on any device, at any time. Furthermore, Premium entertainment selections and add-on channels allow you to personalize your television viewing experience.
  • Voice:¬† Breezeline Voice provides unlimited nationwide calling, including call waiting and three-way calling. They also provide international rates for calling any place in the globe.


  • Small/Medium Business: Breezeline offers internet, telephony, and streaming TV services for small to medium-sized enterprises. The company also provides a range of support services such as 4G LTE backup, WiFi Your Way for Business, and hosted voice+ for businesses.
  • Enterprise: Breezeline’s enterprise products include Metro Ethernet, dedicated internet access, fiber solutions, and FlexTrunk. Additionally, they offer hosted voice plus services.
  • Industries: Breezeline provides industry-specific solutions in financial services, healthcare, professional services, education, government, hospitality, and retail.


  • Community WiFi: Breezeline offers secure and comprehensive WiFi solutions for communities.
  • Community TV: Breezeline provides tailored TV solutions for communities, including premium entertainment alternatives.

Community Voice: Breezeline Voice provides customized voice solutions for communities, including unlimited worldwide calling and call waiting and three-way calling.

Breezeline Customer Support

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