SaskTel Internet Speed Test

SaskTel Internet Speed Test checks how fast is your internet speed. Simply press ‘GO’ and will test download, upload, ping, and jitter speed.

How to perform SaskTel Internet Speed Test?

  1. Open a browser and type
  2. Select a Host ISP or let it choose the optimal ISP automatically.
  3. Press the ‘GO’ button to start the Internet Speed Test.

SaskTel is a government-owned telecommunications company situated in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Products and Services

SaskTel offers wireline and wireless communications services, including landlines, mobile networks, broadband internet (copper DSL, fiber to the house, and wireless broadband), IPTV, and security services.

  • infiNET

infiNET is the fiber-optic network of SaskTel, with which users get faster connections and unlimited usage in their homes. This 100 percent fiber to the home technology is already available in 20 towns, with more on the way. Users can download games in a fraction of the time, play online with little latency, and seamlessly stream the action on Twitch thanks to infiNET. Users may stream HD video from Netflix, Crave, YouTube, and other services with reduced buffering and a sharper view.

  • SaskTel selectWI-FI

A user’s SaskTel Wireless, Internet, or maxTV service includes the ability to connect to selectWI-FI. There are no hidden fees or charges for data consumption. When connected to selectWI-FI, there are no restrictions on how much data customers may use. Data used over selectWI-FI does not count against their wireless plan’s data limits. If the Wi-Fi and the device are both turned on, the SaskTel wireless LTE device will automatically connect to selectWI-FI. This WiFi doesn’t require users to type in any usernames or passwords.

  • Free in-home Wi-Fi

Users can surf as much as they like on their computers or connected mobile devices at home thanks to the unlimited in-home Wi-Fi, that is provided free with all Internet plans. Smartphones, laptops, game consoles, Smart TVs, and other devices can all be connected to this WiFi. In-home Wi-Fi also comes with a built-in firewall and automatic firewall updates to keep customers’ networks safe.

  • SaskTel maxTV

Users can make their set-top box wireless with maxTV. They can watch movies in the backyard, play sports on the deck, or simply rearrange the furniture in their living room. Users can watch the most recent and finest films on their own time. They can also check out what’s on maxTV On Demand right now.

  • Home Phone

Everyone in a user’s family has access to a SaskTel home phone for everyday unlimited local calling, emergencies, including power outages. Users can select any long-distance package that best suits their needs! They can contact anyone in Canada and the United States for one low monthly charge or a low per-minute rate.

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